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Violation of the Laws of Nature

There are things commonly recognized and perceived as axioms.

The statement that progress is the duality of strategy and tactics is an axiom. The goal of strategy is to solve common problems; as an ideal – one single problem. The goal of tactics is to solve specific problems; as an ideal – all their multitude.

Combination of strategic processes – integration – and tactical processes – differentiation – ensures the balance, violation of which brings about the irreversible crisis of development.

Today the state of civilization is characteristically critical: during the entire reliably known history the humanity exists and acts outside the common goal, according to the disconnecting laws of tactics with its ideology of separation and segregation to the detriment of the environment.

By the closed systems of states and clans the tactical world doctrine is implemented determining stereotypes and norms of social and individual behavior on all continents.

The Death of Civilization

Any individual and social project develops according to the principle “First design, then craft”. The world is driven by ideas.

Due to the principal difference of the goals of integration and differentiation, tactical thinking radically differs from the strategic one. These are two opposite states of an intellect functioning correctly, when tactical, narrow, vector thought production will make a harmonious pair for the wide, frontal, strategic thinking.

Today, the integral human intellect component is atrophied, the differential one is hypertrophied; humanity in its entirety thinks narrowly, the thinking machine of civilization creates strictly tactical intellectual technologies turning into local intellectual techniques, later implemented into forming the environment.

Behavior is the consequence of oriented consciousness. Failure to comply with the world law of balance became the reason for rejection of man by nature. Aspiration for separation lead to the deepest inner social conflict, including international and intergroup intransigence, and on the individual level became the basis for mass degradation of the individual.

One-sided thinking is the verdict to the humanity actively influencing the world around. By multiple indicators, the phase of disagreement of geo-social processes has been achieved. The critical extremes of nature and socium, having become a commonality, speak about the society entering the final phase of vital activity.

Humans are social beings. Humans are human only to the degree that the society is a society. The movement of civilization towards dissociation is dehumanization, the result of which will be inevitable total death.

Differentiation of Science

Following the tactical world doctrine has become deadly. Further total disintegration, including intellectual sphere, is inexpedient.

Science will be the social extract of thinking activity. Being an indefinite mass of unrelated kinds of knowledge, science is an example of the complete institutional differentiation, when the specialization of a scientist forces him to deliberately reduce the field of his activity to the growingly narrow sector to the detriment not only of his general scientific knowledge, but also knowledge in close, adjacent areas of his profile science.

The commonly implemented principle of priority of narrow-minded thinking to solve tactical problems led to the mutual estrangement of scientific fields, when such situations became typical that even within one discipline one of its representatives does not understand the other one or fiercely tries to prove the opposite. The tactical nature of modern science, including the so-called “fundamental”, is confirmed by the continuing aggravation of scientific specialization.

It is impossible to realize strategy by tactical methods. For this reason, the world science today is unsystematic knowledge, which lacks a strategic block of such essential methodological documents as the unitary theory of science – the framework of science and unitary theory of the World as the basis of science.

Imperfection of Science

It is known that discoveries often happen accidentally, it’s enough to recall the Newton’s apple or Fleming’s experiments with mold. Accident as a typical scientific situation is explained by the fact that science lacking clear internal structure or external system of scientific beacons develops sporadically, chaotically and randomly, by guess.

Structural and methodological uncertainty of modern science is the cause of scientific credulity phenomenon and the paradox of scientific inference bias – the entire scientific basis is built on the terms of concession, when because of incorrect or deliberately distorted information due to the impossibility to check the credulity of scientific conclusions, one scientist has to trust - or not trust – the message of another scientist and construct his scientific activity on this basis. With the inaccuracies and mistakes that have been accumulating for ages within the framework of scientific caste system, religious impeccability of scientific pillars and scientific idolatry, there is a principal defect of the scientific method.

Nonfundamental Nature of Science

If the lack of the unitary theory of science led to the defect of scientific development, the lack of unitary theory of the World gave birth to the tragedy of nonfundamental nature of science. Science, sketchy to the limit, in its modern state is not fundamental in its essence, it’s groundless.

To prove this thesis we must turn, for example, to the principles of observation used in research and most important for scientific objectivity. If classical physics considers the nature to be unchangeable, no matter which methods are used to describe it, then in quantum physics the result of observations will depend on the method of measurement used. We must note that today it is quantum physics that is coming to the foreground of cognition of the macro-microworld, with its seemingly illogical and absurd nature, its famous M-theory, where “M” stands for mystical, magical, motherly, matrix, membrane.

According to the Stanford University (USA) professor A. Lind, “the discovery of a strange cosmological phenomenon – the "Axis of Evil" – was, along with other recent discoveries, an extremely serious test for modern cosmology. The familiar and established scientific picture of the world, apparently, is about to undergo a radical revision”. The comment of the Moscow State University professor M. Speransky: “This discovery calls into question all modern ideas about the origin of the Universe and its development. Even Einstein's famous theory of relativity now seems to be out of business. If until now it was believed that the expansion of space and time after the Big Bang was chaotic, and the universe as a whole is uniform and continuously expanding, now it seems that scientists will have to accept the fact of the ordered structure of the Universe. As if it was born and lives according to a pre-planned scenario”.

The sufficient proof of the nonfundamental nature of science, its inadmissible institutional imperfection, cognitive contradiction and methodological inferiority, is its existence in the mode of simultaneous negation of the world ether by the common theory of relativity and recognition of ether by the advanced representatives of quantum physics.

It would be correct to call this close-grained materialistic science tactical. Because that’s what it is, which is logically explained by the tactically oriented thinking of civilization.

The Wrong Scientific Picture of the World

The aphorism “you can’t embrace the immensity” is correct where the tactical doctrine acts, whose unattainable limit is an infinite number of particulars. The knowledge consolidated in such conditions cannot be whole in principle. It means that science formed on the tactical doctrine is guided by the limited, hence erroneous, paradigm, and preaches fragmentary, hence distorted picture of the World.

Tactical science, guided by the scientific picture not similar to nature is principally incapable of creating nature-like technologies. This requires qualitatively different approach.

The Negative Impact of Science on Society

With tactical, always bureaucratic and hence retrogressive approach to forming and consuming scientific achievements, a phenomenon of negative impact of science on society appears.

Unjustified artificial limitation of cognitive paradigm led to incomplete, unreliable, unfitting to the true world structure, emasculate “scientific picture” of the World, and on its basis – to vulgar materialistic forecasts of the society about nature, to the mechanistic model of development. Tactical in essence, this model formed individualistic ideology and inhumane mass consciousness.

Materialism, with its motto “you live only once, so take everything from life”, is perpetual indulgence for violence, deceit and injustice. Materialistic ideology of immediateness and total permissiveness led to the perversion of relations of people with people, as a result – through the formed defective consciousness – to neglect of natural laws, destruction methods in all areas of life, serious mistakes in the state construction, dead end models of social and economic development, to the still ignored, but already powerful global disaster.

Negative Role of Science in the State

Serious defects of the existing scientific knowledge with its lack of integrity, estrangement and chaotic nature gave birth to the principal defect of science, which in combination led to the inadmissible distortion of the general scientific basis. There are grounds to assume that further preservation of the tactical scientific school monopoly will only aggravate the unstable situation of the civilization – the consumer of scientific achievements.

The principal defect of science can explain the fact that science, conducting the policy of banning and silencing scientific discoveries, which do not fit into the materialistic doctrine (for instance those proving the erroneous and custom-made nature of the evolution theory of Darwin), science found itself incapable of explaining on its classical basis a significant number of specific and non-specific natural phenomena; it did not create the methodology of harmonizing man and nature, did not provide the technology for the sustainable development of society, did not offer the state crisis-free principles or effective management methods.

It would be reasonable to conclude that science does not fulfill its institutional task, and its role in the state is negative.

Results of Science

For the reasons revealed above, the entire scientific goods offered today on the undeveloped market of science cannot be of high quality by definition. The modern society does not know real scientific goods, it is brought up on surrogate knowledge, and its life is surrogate of life too. In light of opportunities provided by the nature-like unitary theory of the World, “the summit of technical thought”, modern space science with all the accompanying industry – is a stone axe of the twentieth century, an example of a dead end in attempts to explore space, which is quite accessible when using an adequate scientific picture of the universe.

One of the main institutions of management, science is fully responsible for the state and quality of civilization. In the zenith of its monopoly science actively participates in the formation of a technocratic society of spiritually degraded consumers. In the apotheosis of individual and social exclusion such a society has no future.

Results of Management

Four institutions direct and coordinate the development of a socium:

• church – management of man;

• state – management of society;

• science – management of progress;

• supranational clans – management of process.

Just like science, the same deep and unsolvable problems of separation and confusion are faced by other institutes of management with characteristic individualism, careerism, intrigue, fierce internal and external competition, priority of personal goals and their own material well-being.

The resulting total differentiation is an indicator of critical accumulation of risk. In this phase, following the “logically natural” way offered to the society by the existing management institutions without changing the world doctrine, becomes unnatural.

An evolution paradox can be observed. On the one hand, it’s unlikely that the life goal of the society is self-destruction irrespective of what provoked such a result – the environment killed by waste or an irreconcilable religious idea. On the other hand, mass hypertrophied tactical thinking causes more and more rapid and extensive disintegration on all levels, in all spheres, provokes stratification and fragmentation of reality itself with its inevitable death from entropy.

Nothing will save the civilization or its elite that do not observe the laws of nature.


State and Science

State and science are a dialectical pair. What science is in the state, so is the state. What state – so is the science. The overripe reform of state administration headed by old scientific personnel will never be effective without the reform of science appropriate for today. In this context, universal nature-like technologies are extremely actual also in the sphere of state-building.

The full-scale reform of science, with introduction of principles of engineering science and scientific industry, is obviously overdue.

Unitary Science

The tactical, disperse science with power is a social phenomenon of monopoly for declaring doubtful “scientific truths” with all the ensuing negative consequences. However, in order to maintain balance and ensure the dualism inherent in the world, along with tactical science, there must be equal in all respects strategic science with its classification characteristics and with the task of forming and maintaining a strategic scientific block – a unified theory of the World, a unified theory of science and other integrated and interdisciplinary areas.

Unification of the tactical and strategic sciences will create a balanced scientific pair with new qualities – a universal science (megascience). The implemented synthesis of polar sciences will allow for forming a complex scientific and practical method deprived of imperfections of modern science.

The unified theory of science developed by the author of this article provides for joining to the described scientific system of one more parity scientific block-perspective science, a beacon of scientific progress, an area of new knowledge with predicted qualities in the direction of which science has to develop for the purpose of consecutive and planned development of crisis-free methods of interaction of the person with the environment on the basis of the available uniform theory of the World.

Thus, in the unfolding spectrum of interacting and complementary system of knowledge a Square of Sciences is naturally forming – tactical, strategic, universal, and prospective.

The square of sciences can rightfully be called unified science. Nature-like technologies are only possible on the basis of nature-like unified science. There are no other options, and can never be.

According to this simple classification, tactical science occupies only one quarter in the unified science. For this value it is objective, effective and productive.

The Building of Science

If we imagine each profile science as one brick, then in the absence of unified science theory the tactical science of today will be one big and chaotic heap of “scientific bricks”, but ready to use building material.

In this allegory strategic science will not be just another “scientific brick”, but a unified building concrete mix strongly connecting numerous scientific “bricks”, “columns”, “cross-beams”, and “link-beams” and making them one whole – a structure. In this case science becomes a properly functioning structure, built according to a well-thought-out plan. In other words, strategic science based on the principles of integration is an example of the implemented interdisciplinary synthesis. Universal science becomes in essence “scientific magic”. Great scientists in their time used to speak about science transforming into scientific magic.

Availability of a project, here – unified theory of science, will turn science into a graceful, solid, beautiful, aesthetically meaningful building in whose structure each scientific brick occupies its place, carries its load and participates in the harmonious work of the scientific system as a whole.

A solid foundation for the aspiring harmonious building of science will be made by the Square of principal sciences. A reliable basis for the scientific building will be the unified theory of the World – a universal building corresponding to the world Entire Knowledge, similar to Nature.

The society has nothing like this at present.

Shepherds and Sheep

The first conditions of development – safety and protection – depend on the efficiency of environment management. Therefore at all times new kinds of weapons were developed – new means of influencing environment, means of management.

In the basis of any weapon, from technical devices to religious programming, are intellectual technologies. The essence of these technologies is usually not revealed to the environment. The environment is misinformed.

Owners of intellectual technologies, using the language of the Bible, are “shepherds” managing the environment - the “sheep”. A distinctive feature of the “sheep” class can be considered hypocrisy expressed in the inability to think outside stereotypes, which is the prerogative of “shepherds”.

“Sheep” think “like everybody”. Thinking “like everybody” creates an effect of illusory logic. This is a principal provision of any management.

The Existing World Doctrine

Modern “shepherds” manage in the only possible mode for their tactical intellect – for their own benefit, continuing to “divide and rule”. Today the influence on the environment for the sake of safety exists in only one form – through the instruments of destruction. Thus, all methods of practical life support, household energy production destroy natural resources, the environment. The most powerful modern weapon, nuclear, destroys the basis of reality – the microworld. All religious denominations are intolerant of the other faiths. The world is artificially introduced into a state of "controlled chaos".

The reasons for this state of affairs are laid down in the features of consciousness, in the principles of thinking (production of thoughts), replicated by mass consciousness. In the phenomenon of mass consciousness are all the problems, troubles and all the possibilities of humanity as a civilization.

Since the logic of the "sheep" behavior has no essence, does not exist, since mass consciousness always reflects the introduced program, the ongoing collapse of the world can be explained by the imperfection of intellectual technologies of "shepherds" who managed to create only an incomplete, tactical, model of development: separation, parasitism on the environment.

Changing the world Doctrine

It is an indisputable fact that all the means and methods of obtaining energy proposed by tactical science are based on the destruction of resources and contamination of the so-called "surrounding world", in fact – the entire observable human universe with the anthropic principle of its manifestation.

An unambiguous conclusion: in an ever-active Multiversum, in an infinite set of universes that take place, ignoring the principles of energy equilibrium leads to the destruction of information links, causes increasing, and uncontrollable entropy. The consequence is the disappearance of the event in the world environment violating the laws of Existence.

The need for qualitatively different approaches that predetermine the radicalism and complex nature of innovations is motivated by the fact that outdated tactical approaches in technologies that translate energy into entropy are basically non-natural.

The tactical model allows the “shepherds” to successfully exist and solve their problems up to a certain point, but when the process of differentiation with the loss of connections inevitably reaches a state of irreversibility, there is a threat to the security of the “shepherds” themselves. This leads to a forced revision of the principles of total governance and a radical change in world politics, to a new world doctrine - from differentiation to integration.

Creators of Nature-like Science

The embodiment of the new world doctrine is connected, first of all, with intellectual technologies of a higher level, which requires the integration of science and intellect, in particular, in order for the amount of scientific knowledge received today to grow into its quality.

At the example of science, separately neither the physicist, biologist, mathematician, nor other representatives of narrow differentiated disciplines are able to carry out this creation for a simple reason – they are hampered by their disconnected consciousness, their rigid thinking, their scientific arrogance, their narrow professionalism.

The reform of science requires fundamentally different approaches to scientific creativity itself.

Following the dialectics of development, the reform should be led by scientists of a new formation, thinking differently, free from dogmas. Otherwise the physicist will make of science "big physics", the biologist – "big biology", the mathematician will offer something that nobody will ever understand, even his colleagues.

"They do not pour new wine into old bottles." Only a specific integrating intelligence can form a single science, nature-like, that meets the challenges of survival in the 21st century. Intelligence of fundamentally new quality, brought up on new – nature-like – scientific picture of the World.

The World Ether

The creation of nature-like technologies requires a nature-like scientific picture of the Universe that fully corresponds to the true world order and the ideal organization of the multi-world Multiversum.

First of all, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the cause of silencing the phenomenon of ether as the structural basis of the universe (the building of worlds). Few people know that the Russian genius D. I. Mendeleev presented his periodic system of elements under the name "Attempt of chemical understanding of the world ether". The father of all world electrical engineering Nikola Tesla also considered the world environment ether and successfully worked in the field of "free energy", spilled in the universe and able to be transmitted through the "zero points" of space.

“The Multiversum is full of energy. This is proved both theoretically and mathematically. It is no longer a question of whether the energy of the zero point exists. It goes like this: "Can we use this inexhaustible source of free energy and use inexpensive and environmentally friendly technologies at the same time?" If we continue to burn minerals and rely on nuclear energy, the future of our civilization has gloomy prospects. We are in a critical situation because the amount of industrial pollution and radioactive waste has already exceeded the possibilities of self-purification of the Earth.

The world's oil and gas reserves will be depleted by 2025 at the current rate of consumption. But large corporations and world governments refuse to recognize the impending crisis and resist technological progress, trying to maintain an outdated political system.

Pioneering scientists, theoretical physicists, and enthusiastic inventors are emerging in the scientific community trying to change our view of harnessing the invisible forces of nature. Despite the ridicule, lack of funds and active attempts to get rid of these people and their work, they entered into a struggle with conventional outdated dogmas, trying in a fierce battle with global corporations to revolutionize science. In the development of tireless inventors and visionary scientists, probably, is the key to this energy independence of all people on Earth” (quote, taken from an open Internet source).

The World Superintelligence

Recognizing the Multiversum as matrix and “magic”, it is important to dare to move further to the recognition of the intellectual beginning of the World, in other words – to the recognition of the World's superintelligence and its carrier – God, the Creator of all things and beings. Even the great Newton said, “only little knowledge removes from God, great knowledge brings closer again to Him”.

Today advanced scientists have practically admitted, but due to clear (see above) reasons have not legitimately framed the fact that it is Consciousness, the Mind, Intelligence, that is the core of any reality, including, today's human one.

The World Crystal

Having recognized the Creator, one single for the whole Multiversum, one can define the first principle of the world organization: the World in its essence is absolutely simple, and due to this simplicity and integrity – immortal.

Immortal is what’s not subject to decay, does not change forever, and is initially motionless. But it is not death; on the contrary, it is life on the eternal, reliable, unshakable frame of the Universe, which the ancients called the life-giving Ether.

In nature, a perfect frame is a perfect Crystal. As the basis of the loose, but cohesive environment of the worlds-universes, the transcendent intellectual Crystal contains the entire world's Memory; in other words, Knowledge of what was, what is, and what will be. The World Crystal is present always and everywhere, in ideality it is not subject to entropy that is why it is invisible, physically unobservable.

Each knot of the Crystal (Tesla’s “zero point”) is the Cross; its simplest compound is the Square, its simplest cell is the Cube. From the middle of the Cross, from the soil of the “zero point” any ultimate world blooms like a flower to hide in the world Ether after fading. This is how the world field blooms, this is how life appears and disappears in its measure.

The ideal is the absence of excess: all the levels of the World Crystal are densely occupied, there are no free spaces, and nothing new appears in what happened outside time and space. But the liveliness of the World is easy to explain. The thing is illusion. Any activity is illusory. From the knots of the unobservable, seemingly ultramundane Crystal holograms, images, illusions of life are emitted to the outside. It sounds strange, but astrophysics also confirms: the universe is a hologram. Groups of scientists from different countries convincingly prove that the universe is a hologram, each point of which has information about all the events of the universe at any place of time and space.

According to physical science, information does not exist by itself, but is a pair of “energy-information”. Presence at any point of the vacuum of all the universal energy reveals not the mystical, but the physical basis of the Universe. It is a transcendent unlimited, unobservable, perfectly crystalline, thought-form inducing, outward-pointing pseudo-bioprocessor with an elementary cell in the form of a dimensionless cube.

A person observes virtual realities created by a computer that fits in the palm of his hand. Why shouldn't “real” realities be created by a supercomputer the size of a Multiversum?

Nature-like Thinking

The famous French scientist Blaise Pascal said: “Let us think right. This is the main principle of morals”. In relation to knowledge, in thinking the secret of being is contained. And setting this problem is a decisive one for a person and humanity.

There is a key question, what is the essence of nature. Tactical science, under the pressure of the ruling clans, recognized the information-energy pair as the basis of the World-something inanimate, abstract. However, if we treat nature not as an alien dead "matter", but as a sympathetic and co-participating Mother – the eternally living Supreme, innumerably reproducing its own kind, then the first principal pair will be different: Knowledge-Power. It should be noted that this kind of thinking – correct, according to Pascal – is adequate.

Creators of Nature-like Technologies

The thinking World creates innumerable separate realities-worlds imaginary in order to avoid accidental and non-accidental destruction of the ethereal framework by the representatives of tactical thinking who have risen to power.

In the illusion, it is enough to use only one nature-like supertechnology to completely change the existing reality or create a new one (this conclusion corresponds to the postulates of quantum physics).

Every separate consciousness (co-Knowledge) is nothing but a unique part of one world Knowledge, the one ethereal “body” of the superintelligent World. The Creator will allow creating and implementing Nature-like technologies with their truly fantastic capabilities exclusively to nature-like, not capable of destruction, consciousnesses. The bearers of these consciousnesses will be persons who have approached the divine principle of justice in their spiritual path.

Deus ex machina

In a perfectly organized world environment, there are no unclosed processes, as a result, each end connects with its beginning, forming coevolutionary circles and evolutionary spirals. Humanity, as it was at the dawn of civilization, naturally comes to the recognition of the divine principle, the realization of the priority of the spiritual over the material. The proof by the scientific thought of the Creator is sure to take place, and this already takes place in a fierce confrontation with the forces of entropy.

It is no accident that the creation of nature-like technologies is a challenge on a planetary scale. Here is the return of mankind mired in greed and sins to the pure ideals of a just, eternal and infinite, immortal, multi-world World.

© Zhurkin V.M., 2017